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Does Instagram Use AI in Its Moderation Process?

There is a lot of confusion about whether Instagram uses artificial intelligence, or AI, in its moderation process. While Instagram isn’t completely transparent about its algorithms, it does use machine learning to detect offensive content. However, it’s unclear how much of its data is used by AI. Moreover, AI is often presented by Facebook as a magic bullet for moderation, but experts are divided. This article explores the pros and cons of Instagram’s AI.

AI is the process by which an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm analyzes the data collected from users and then makes predictions about the behavior of those users. It comprises ML algorithms, computer vision, and machine learning algorithms. The average user doesn’t fully understand how AI works, so this article will help explain it for those who aren’t tech-savvy. But before diving into the details, let’s take a closer look at how Instagram uses AI.

To begin, Instagram has makeeover introduced an AI system called Yoti that analyzes new faces and estimates a user’s age. Once it has completed the analysis, the software removes the still image and video of the user. However, many users do not have a government-issued photo ID card, making this process more difficult for tech companies. To overcome this issue, Instagram has rolled out age verification for all US users.

Instagram uses AI for verification purposes, though not to create accounts. Instead, it uses AI to check that an account is legitimate. Instagram asks the user to justify their age change by showing a photo of an ID card, which they can verify if they wish to. However, Instagram is now testing three new methods for verification. Once the new verification option is available, users must use the verification option. If they do not want their age to be known, they can turn off the verification option or opt for two other verification methods.

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