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Fat Transfer to Face – Pros and Cons

When you’re thinking about plastic surgery, you might be considering a procedure called fat transfer to face. It has been around for 100 years and has many advantages, including the ability to remove signs of facial wear. Patients can use the procedure to fill in marionette lines that run from the corners of their mouth to the chin and to eliminate hollows in their faces. news247 com Fat transfers can also be used to restore lost volume to lips and to correct acne scarring. While this procedure can be a bit risky, most patients recover from it without any significant complications.

A common side effect of fat transfer to the face is bruising and swelling, and it may require an anesthetic. Because the transplanted fat is your own tissue, you’ll be less likely to experience an allergic reaction. However, this procedure is best suited for volume replacement, plumping lips, and filling nasolabial folds. Fat is also the least expensive type of filler and will last for up to nine stylishster.

A fat transfer to face procedure is done by harvesting excess abdominal fat and injecting it into the face. This will plump up hollow areas, especially around the eyes. It will also provide the facial structure needed for better contouring. Dr. Jensen can discuss your medical history, your cosmetic goals, and the procedure in great detail. You can schedule your consultation factnewsph online with her. However, if you have any questions or concerns, you should schedule an appointment with her as soon as possible.


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