Top 5 Tips for Fighting the Hottest Bach Chien Bach Thang Knife

You already know the cock fighting tips  always win or not? This is a famous and attractive form of betting with the participation of tens of thousands of players every day.How to catch cockfights effectively? Please follow the following article to discover cockfighting tips from masters Please.

Choose a high-class bookie address to join

If you want to bet effectively on cockfighting, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable, safe and legal playground. So cock fighting tips  The most applied by many bettors today is going to the house 789BET – cockfighting paradise 2023.

789BET is a bookmaker with a history of more than 10 years of operation in the Vietnamese market with attractive cockfighting betting services. This playground has also received a legal operating license from the Philippine government. Therefore, you can be completely assured when playing cockfighting here.

Dealer 789BET It is also a link to directly monitor hundreds of classic cockfighting matches from famous arenas such as: 999 cock, Thomo cock, Philippine cockfight… That’s why when you find out cock fighting tips  Here you will discover many secrets of cockfighting in high-class arenas.

Tips for cockfighting by understanding the types of bets

Understand the odds before participating in cockfighting

The elders have a saying “know the enemy, know me, a hundred matches a hundred wins” so before you want to participate in betting on exciting cockfighting matches, you need to understand the rules of the game and how to bet on the fighting form. this chicken. In each classic cockfight match, the house will offer extremely attractive odds with preferential rewards. Tips for kicking a cock from master 789BET That is to firmly grasp the 3 main bets in cockfighting, which are:

  • Bet on the dealer’s cock (Meron): this is the door marked with red, if you predict the dealer’s cock will win, please hit this door. If the player wins, the player will receive a payout ratio of 1:0.96.
  • Bet on the guest’s cock (Wala): this door is indicated by blue, if you predict the guest’s cock will win, put your money on this door. If you win, you will receive a 1:1 bonus.
  • Draw bet (BDD): if you think the match will be inconclusive, place your money on this door. This is the door with the highest payout ratio currently up to 1:7.

Analysis of the competition results of the cocks

Tips for kicking a cock by statistics of cockfighting history

One cock fighting tips extremely effective, played by many people at789BET It is applicable to the statistics of the results of the battle statistics. This is an extremely important method to help players improve their chances of winning in the classic cockfights.

You need to find out about all the matches that the cocks have participated in, from which you will make a list of their achievements. At this point, you will know which cocks have a higher winning rate, more stable performance to bet.

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Tips for kicking cocks with chisels

If you want to bet correctly in high-class swing matches, please apply cock fighting tips  from fighting cock generals. This is a method used by many players and is very effective. Some criteria to see the generals of war cocks are as follows:

  • You should choose a game cock with colorful, smooth feathers that cover the entire body.
  • Fighting cocks with bright red straight crests usually have very good fighting power.
  • You should choose a cock with a beautiful spur, a rare spur with layers of leg scales arranged in rows, each layer beautifully.

See the fighting cock general to choose the best cock

Bet with the right amount

This is cock fighting tips  that no one told you. To be able to participate in many different matches, players should know how to split their bets. You should not play too much money in a match, it will lead to the risk of failure and loss of bets.

On the contrary, when you split your bets, you will be able to bet on cockfighting in many different matches. This will help increase the odds of the player winning.

The above article has just brought very useful information related to 5 cock fighting tips most used today in the online cockfighting play ground 789BET. Hopefully, through the above article, you have learned more effective cockfighting experiences and successfully applied them to your betting process.

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