What Do Other Countries Think of the Premier League?

The Premier League has a strong following in many countries, including the U.S., but it’s also popular in other parts of the world. In a poll conducted before the new season kicked off on Aug. 9, the EPL was the most popular soccer league in the world among U.S. adults. Six percent of respondents called themselves avid soccer fans. Those numbers are likely to shrink over time, but the current popularity of the EPL suggests that the future of the Premier League may be in safe hands. Moreover, most Premier League supporters have only been following their team for the past five years.

Other countries’ opinions of the Premier League are quite diverse. Former Real Madrid defender Fernando Hierro has highlighted the organisational structure in English football scooptimes. Former Valencia midfielder Gaizka Mendieta recalled the time when players would travel to England and eat baked beans, then drink beer on the bus back. These are not the same stories, as the Premier League has been dominated by foreign managers and players jmdhindi.

The Premier League can point the finger at the government. After all, the government is likely busy with its World Cup bid and Afghanistan. That said, this is an inconvenient rule for both the clubs and the fans of the league famousbiography. The government should take responsibility for the problem. It is not right for football to be based on a nationality. It is also unjust for the clubs, because they pay their players’ salaries newsintv.

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